Student Competition – Lightning Rounds

Production of Biofuels and Biochemicals

Improving the Sustainability of Cellulose Nanocrystal Production through Ethanol Co-generation
Dawit Beyene, University of Alberta

Technoeconomic Assessment of Utilization of By-products from Forest Industry for Production of Fuels and Chemicals
Maryam Akbari, University of Alberta

Characterization of Liquid Outlet Byproduct Streams from the Lipid to Hydrocarbon (LTH) Biofuel Production Process
Olga Mameeva, University of Alberta

Self-cycling Fermentation for Ethanol Production
Jie Wang, University of Alberta

Engineering Biological Systems

Optimization of Methanotroph Growth Conditions for Use in Industrial Applications Through Comparative Transcriptomics
Catherine Tays, University of Alberta

Bio-based Production of a Novel Switchable Solvent
Emily Soon, University of Alberta

Comparison of Polyhydroxybutyrate Depolymerases from Bacterial Strains: A Step Towards Improving the Degradation of Biopolymers
Diana I. Martínez-Tobón, University of Alberta


Chemical and Thermal Conversion Processes

Technology Platforms for the Valorization of Specified Risk Materials
Pooran Appadu, University of Alberta

Advanced Polymer Materials for Building Artificial Muscles, Making Three Dimensional Structures, and Fabricating Novel Humidity Sensors and Actuators
Xue Li, University of Alberta

Fabrication of Specified Risk Material-based Plywood Adhesives
Vadim Y. Kislitsin, University of Alberta

Biosolids: Feedstock For Lipid To Hydrocarbon Technology (LTH) For Biofuel Production
Lin Xia, University of Alberta