Poster Abstracts


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1. Agriculture Meets Forestry

Natural Fibre Biocomposites from Carbon Dioxide Based Biopolymer Blend and Switchgrass
Eugene Enriquez, University of Guelph

Thermal Insulation Board Based on Miscanthus Residual Fibers
Juan Pablo Cárdenas, Universidad de La Frontera and University of Guelph

Foaming Performance of Subcritical Hydrolyzed Specified Risk Materials
Pooran Appadu, University of Alberta

Flocculating Performance of Peptides recovered from Specified Risk Materials
Pooran Appadu, University of Alberta

The Use of Cationically Modified Nanocrystalline Natural Products as Oil Sands Tailing Pond Clarifiers and Decontaminants
David Plackett, University of British Columbia

Biobased Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Produced from Canola Oil Derived Polyols
Xiaohua Kong, University of Alberta

Specified Risk Materials-Based Binder for Pelletization of Torrefied Wood
Birendra B. Adhikari, University of Alberta

Hybrid Green Biocomposites from Nano-engineered Natural Fiber and Biopolymer
Muhammad Arshad, University of Alberta

Cellulose-based Sponge for CO2 Detection, Adsorption, and Storage
Wei-Zheng Shen, Ingenuity Lab, University of Alberta

Enzymatic Modification of Egg Lecithin to improve Properties
Justice Asomaning, University of Alberta

Monitoring Sugar Release During Pipeline Hydro-transport of Wheat Straw
Mahdi Vaezi, University of Alberta

Fabrication of Specified Risk Material-based Plywood Adhesives
Vadim Y. Kislitsin, University of Alberta

2. Conversion Processes

Is There a Greener Future for Coal? There Better Be!
Bruce Peachey, New Paradigm Engineering Ltd.

Development of an Algal-based Strategy to Bioremediate Oil Sands Process-Affected Water
Gordon Chua, University of Calgary

Thermally Processed Keratin-based Bio-nanocomposite Films
Manpreet Kaur, University of Alberta

Enzymatic Transamidation and Click Chemistry: Developing One-Pot Protein Conjugation and Diversifying the Biocatalytic Toolbox
Natalie Rachel, Université de Montréal

Self-cycling Fermentation for Ethanol Production
Jie Wang, University of Alberta

Characterization of Liquid Outlet Byproduct Streams from the Lipid to Hydrocarbon (LTH) Biofuel Production Process
Olga Mameeva, University of Alberta

Comparison of Polyhydroxybutyrate Depolymerases from Bacterial Strains: A Step Towards Improving the Degradation of Biopolymers
Diana I. Martínez-Tobón, University of Alberta

Inexpensive Transformation of Biomass to Value Added Chemicals via Transition Metal Catalysis

Samuel Mitton, University of Alberta

Assessing Biochars Made from Albertan Industrial Wastes for Utilization as Tailings Ponds Reclamation Caps

Mathew Frankel, University of Calgary

Enhancing Microalgae Biomass Productivity for Bio-refinery and CO2 Capture by Patented Spatial Sunlight Dilution Technology
Weixing Tan, Grande Prairie Regional College

High Alkalinity: Key for Unlocking the Potential of Photosynthetic Microbes
Hector De la Hoz Siegler, University of Calgary

Control of Point-Source Low-Volume Methane Emissions Using Methane Biofiltration Technology: Development of a Molecular Monitoring Protocol
Joong-Jae Kim, University of Calgary

Biosynthesis of Fatty Alcohols Hexadecanol and Octadecanol from Simple Sugars and Biomass
David Stuart, University of Alberta

Semi-Carbonization of Waste Coffee Grounds as an Energy Feedstock
Manzo Uchigasaki, Nihon University, Japan

BioBased Production of a Novel Switchable Solvent
Emily Soon, University of Alberta


3. Growing the Bioeconomy

An Introduction to the Alberta Bio-Resource Information Management System (BRIMS)
Jordan Hayes, Silvacom

The Evolution of a Willow Biomass Program – From Whitecourt to Oil Sands and Everything in Between
Martin Blank, Natural Resources Canada

4. Business Development

Slow Pyrolysis for Waste Reduction
Chris Olson, Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc.

Producing PolyCarbon Solid Fuels from Agriculture and Forest Biomass Waste
Dale Leier, New Earth Waste Technologies Inc.

Hollow Mesoporous Silica Microspheres: Potential for Increased Fermentation and Enzymatic Process Productivity
Mathilde Gosselin, Materium Innovation

MAPKA: The Impact of Cellulosic Fibers in Plastic Compounds
Fukuji Saotome, Eco Bio Plastics Midland

Characterisation of Hydrofaction™ Oil as Renewable Fuel: Challenges and Opportunities
Prem Pal, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Mechanocatalytic Conversion of Cellulose to Sugar (CTSTM)
Len Eddy, Alliance BioEnergy +, Inc.Add Content…