The mandate of the BCN is to develop integrated programming in order to address challenges within the Alberta bioindustry with socioeconomic and sustainability contexts. Strategically, the BCN is focused on the following three priorities to achieve this goal:

  • Fostering industry-led partnerships that embrace collaborative opportunities for enhancing environmental and economic performance across Alberta’s resource-based sectors
  • Establishing the Biosystems Discovery Hub (BioHUB), a high throughput synthetic biology centre that encourages and accelerates discovery research with commercialization potential
  • Creating an interdisciplinary research cluster that focus on chemical conversions

In alignment with these strategic priorities, the BCN has provided funding for over 25 projects in the last 5 years, with additional projects which are affiliated, but not funded, by the network. In general, BCN research activities can be categorized into three overarching themes:


Project currently listed on this website are all BCN funded projects. Additional BCN affiliated projects will be added shortly.