Synthetic Biology Symposium Sponsored by BCN on May 21, 2010

Cutting-edge technologies for production of biofuels, biochemicals and industrial bioproducts

On Friday May 21st, 2010 the BCN and the Department of Biochemistry hosted four distinguished speakers from the United States and Canada for a symposium on synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology. The event also featured two University of Alberta professors: Drs. David Stuart and Mike Ellison. The symposium was attended by over 150 people including University of Alberta academic and support staff, students, representatives from industry, and senior members of government and funding agencies. Taking place the same week that Craig Venter’s research group announced the creation of artificial life through synthetic biology, this symposium was particularly timely. We would like to thank our speakers, attendees, and sponsors for making this a great event!

Keynote speakers:
Dr. Jay Keasling (UC Berkeley)
Dr. Kristala Jones-Prather (MIT)
Dr. Shota Atsumi (UC Davis)
Dr. Vince Martin (Concordia)
Dr. Mike Ellison (University of Alberta)
Dr. Dave Stuart (University of Alberta)