Partnerships and Validation in Technology Commercialization: Steeper Energy’s Experience

Sergios K. Karatzos.
Senior Manager, Project Development, Steeper Energy Canada Ltd.

Steeper Energy is a Calgary and Copenhagen (Denmark) based start-up company developing Hydrofaction™, a proprietary hydrothermal liquefaction technology that uses supercritical water chemistry and catalysts to convert organic biomass residues to renewable fuel oil or Hydrofaction™ Oil. This renewable oil has similar properties to marine fuels and is amenable to refinery upgrading to diesel, jet and gasoline fuels. Since its foundation in 2011, Steeper has made progress in both technology IP and economic validation while going through the stages of its projected commercialization pathway. All the way from feedstock availability validation to process validation, market acceptance, process scale up and economic feasibility, Steeper has engaged in strategic collaborations and targeted activities in order to prove its value proposition. This proposition comprises of not only IP but also operational know-how as well as Project Development expertise. The presentation will provide an overview of Steeper Energy’s commercialization pathway with emphasis on activities that go beyond securing IP and focus on validation procedures and strategic collaborations and/or partnerships.