DuPont Industrial BioSciences

Maggie Cervin.

Dupont, 925 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA, USA.

For more than two centuries, DuPont has delivered innovative solutions to tackle global challenges. The establishment of Industrial Biosciences brings together the expertise from Danisco, Genencor, and DuPont yielding a unique combination of strengths in enzyme technology (Bioactives), materials science (Biomaterials), and bioprocessing (Biorefineries). These business segments address markets such as animal nutrition, food, detergents, textiles, carpets, personal care and biofuels. Following the creation and production of the first biomaterials with Bio-Propanediol (Bio-PDO®) and Sorona®, we are about to launch our cellulosic ethanol technology. DuPont Industrial Biosciences represents over 30 years’ commitment of pushing the boundaries of sustainable industry.