Commercialization of Renewable Nylon Intermediates

Ray W. Miller.
Chief Business Officer, Verdezyne, Inc., Carlsbad, California, USA

Verdezyne has been steadily assembling the necessary microbial and downstream separations tools to support a fundamental shift in the supply of critical diacids used in the high performance nylon and polyurethane coatings and other important value chains. Now the first of these developments is ready for commercialization: dodecanedioic acid (aka: DDDA) – a little known but very important ingredient for the production of high performance Nylon 6,12. The key to our success is flexibility around feed stocks which are low cost and widely available, novel pathways engineered into industrially robust single cell reactors, and downstream separation knowhow that produces high purity products consistently, with lower environmental impact, and at competitive cost. This talk will describe how the Verdezyne platform is transforming production of these intermediates, which include DDDA, adipic acid and sebacic acid: essential building blocks for existing polyamides and other materials value chains. It will touch on how Verdezyne is leading the way to a more sustainable chemical intermediates industry with its success in scaling up the process, demonstrating product performance, and securing the necessary funding to launch this new platform commercially.