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Slow Pyrolysis for Waste Reduction

Chris Olson and Bruce Saunders.
Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc., 4454 Eleniak Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc. is a company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta. Chris Olson and Bruce Saunders, two recent graduates of the Alternative Energy Program at NAIT, incorporated IRSI in June 2014. During their tenure at NAIT, Bruce and Chris worked on a capstone project that had them utilizing a pilot scale pyrolysis system for the purpose of waste reduction. Through this pilot project the two were able to demonstrate an average reduction of 4.5:1, feedstock (waste) to end char. Through their evaluation of the sponsor company’s internal waste tracking reports, Chris and Bruce determined that there was a significant amount of revenue that could be generated through the use of a pyrolysis technology. Currently the market for pyrolysis is primarily focused on smaller scale applications that generate high value end products or large-­scale systems that are producing energy from waste. Bruce and Chris identified a niche that was not being addressed: the scalable application of pyrolysis technologies for the reduction of residual waste streams in the waste management industry.

IRSI is aimed at exploring the robust opportunities in both the waste management and agricultural markets, while simultaneously taking a lead in refining current legislation and permitting to recognize pyrolysis as a unique process.

IRSI has received support from AITF in the form of a voucher that will be applied to performance validation, emissions testing, feedstock/end product testing, and further commercialization. Additionally IRSI has received a contribution from NRC-­‐IRAP in support of full commercialization of the Ulysses system and further innovations that will be realized during the course of the demonstration period.

Not only can IRSI’s pyrolysis technology revolutionize waste management, it also has the ability to decentralize power generation, increase soil fertility, increase carbon sequestration, and reduce contemporary societies’ overall carbon footprint!